LUMBA: 정신과 치료를 위한 의료 서비스 어플리케이션

LUMBA: Medical Service Application for Psychiatric Care

Ju-yeon Kim, Su-ji Kim & Moon-hwan Lee

“Polling” is a voting system that improves various election-related problems by reducing unnecessary election management costs while also considering the speed and accuracy of counting votes.

First, we deliberated in creating a hybrid voting system that uses both analog and digital methods to ease the complete transitioning experience from the conventional voting system to the electronic voting system. The hybrid voting system will facilitate in minimizing social opposition in countries who are skeptical of using electronic voting methods.
Second, we took into consideration the storage capacity and the portability of the “Polling” system. It is compact enough to be transported by personnel. It can be easily installed in various locations without many restrictions due to its compactness. Also, installation locations can be checked via mobile application.
Third, we considered the reliability of electronic voting. There are three levels of identity verification process within the kiosks.In addition, the voting results are duplicated and stored within the system’s database and in a paper copy. In case of an alleged fraudulent vote, a cross-check can be made to ensure the legitimacy of the vote.

If voting becomes common through ‘Polling,’ citizens may express opinions not only in elections but also throughout various policy implementations.