AR Kit for Safety Education in Chemistry Labs

Jihyeon Lee, Yunji Kang & Moon-Hwan Lee

Prep-LABs is an educational kit that allows undergraduate students in chemistry labs to experience safety education using real space and objects. The kit consists of blocks that provide a simulated environment and mobile applications that utilize AR technology. The blocks were given different colors according to the properties of the materials (based on the results of the BTB reaction experiment) and were made in the shape of hexagons reminiscent of the benzene ring, which is an aromatic element currently used in daily life.

Prep-LABs utilize AR technology that induces the active participation of the trainees and enables interworking with reality for education using the actual experimental space and reagents. By running the Prep-LABs application, the user can recognize the block that is attached to the real place, the block that represents the virtual reagent, and the QR code of the real reagent bottle. The application provides AR safety training, virtual reagent reaction experiments, and reagent information retrieval through recognized patterns. By enabling intuitive use experience, providing undergraduate students with a practical safety education experience and efficient information is possible.